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Alarm Monitoring System installation in Chennai

Mr. Perfect Solutions is one of the best home security monitoring service providers in Chennai. We have alarm systems that can provide allround security and warnings to homes and offices. We have three main types of alarm systems. They are:

  • Wired intruder warning system
  • Wireless intruder warning system
  • Fire alarm system

Our wired and wireless intruder alarm systems are equipped with hi-tech features or components like motion detection, control systems, and alarm sounders. Our fire alarm system has temperature and smoke sensors. It can detect sharp increases in room temperature and smoke levels and will spray water automatically if fire and smoke are detected.

alarm monitoring system installation Chennai

Our alarm monitoring services employ state-of-the-art technology, are easy to use, reliable, and cost-effective. They can cater to the modern security needs of homes and corporations and rarely need maintenance. They will be beneficial to you in all aspects right from the low cost of installation to low maintenance costs to high reliablity and ease of use.

Features and the working mechanism of our intruder alarm systems

alarm monitoring Maintenance Chennai

Both our wired and wireless intruder alarm systems consist of motion detectors. Our intruder alarms are usually placed unnoticeably near doors and/or windows. The moment an unauthorized person enters your restricted area, the motion detector detects the unauthorized person’s movements and sends electrical signals to the control unit. The control unit then enables an electrical bell and sounds the burglar alarm.

The electrical bell of our intruder/burgler alarm system is able to make a loud sound as it converts electrical energy into mechanical energy and then into sound energy.

Features and the working mechanism of our fire alarm system

Our fire alarm system consists of the following important components. Together they are able to detect fires and smoke and sound the alarm to warn the residents in a commercial, corporate, or residential building.

Initiating devices

Our fire alarm system consists of initiating devices like fire detectors and smoke detectors. These sensory devices contain sensors that can detect sharp rises in room temperature and smoke respectively. Once a fire and smoke is detected, the initiating devices send electrical signals (information) to the fire alarm system’s indicating unit.

The indicating system

The indicating system can consist of an electrical bell or a siren and a strob light for people who are hearing challenged.

Once the indicating unit is triggered by any one or both the initiating devices, a fire alarm can be heard and the strobe light can be seen flashing in pulses to warn residents of a building (particularly the homeowner or the alarm system owner) that a fire is raging in it.

The sprinkler system

Once the indicating system has been triggered, it automatically triggers the sprinkler system that sprays water and foam over the raging fire and its surrounding areas. Our sprinkler system is effective against most types of fires.

The alarm system control unit

The alarm system control unit can be a remote control device or a switch button that can be used to turn off the entire fire alarm system. This is only used if the fire alarm system has been falsely triggered like in the event of smoke coming from a cooking fire or a barbeque fire.

Why choose our products?

Our alarm systems are considered to be one of the top monitored home security systems in Chennai. They are cost-effective to install and maintain. They are also reliable, efficient, easy to operate, and based on the latest cutting edge technology.

Our business alarm monitoring services will keep you safe from burglars and fire at any point in time. They should be power backed up by batteries or generators so that they can give you 24/7 warning services against thieves and fire.

Last but not least, our expert technicians are always available in case your alarm monitoring services need any kind of repair, inspection, or maintenance. They will swiftly do their job and will charge you very nominally. So, you have everything to gain and nothing to lose by buying and installing our effective yet cost-effective alarm systems.

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